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Alfred St Furniture - New Zealand Made


Sustainability is extremely important to us and we believe in doing our part for the planet that we all share. The next big thing in design is circular, and we want to make sure we are playing our part in reducing waste, choosing sustainable materials, designing for longevity and recycling/reusing where we can. So, how are we doing this?

  • We offer 10-18 year warranties on all of our products for residential use, and 5-10 year warranties on our commercial options, so you can be sure you will have them for many, many years.

  • Even beyond warranties, we can extend the life of your product with our re-covery service. We can replace foams, fabrics and even repair frames to give your piece a new lease of life. We offer this service for both our own products, and from other companies – as we think this is the most responsible thing to do so that it doesn’t end up in landfill before its time.

  • Beyond the manufacturing process, we have installed solar panels on our roof which helps our building be more energy efficient.

  • Supporting local is one of the easiest ways we can all be sustainable. From frame making to fabric cutting, sewing and upholstering, our pieces are 100% made here in our Onehunga factory. Not only does this reduce product miles, it ultimately creates a more planet-friendly product. Where possible, our supply chain chooses New Zealand based businesses. All of our timber and foams are from local suppliers, along with some of our woollen fabric options. Although New Zealand made fabric is hard to come by, we hope there will be more of this available in future.

  • Manufacturing creates a lot of off cuts and spare material – and we try to utilise these so as to create as little waste as possible. We donate our old pallets to a pottery place to reuse; fabric, foam and cardboard tubes go to school resource centres; our foam goes back to be used for underlay, and excess wood is offered to the public to use as free firewood.

  • Unlike many manufacturers, we use water based sprays and glues. This means there is no chemical smell in our factory, which is not only better for the planet but better for the health of our employees. 

  • Our products are made to order. This does mean our customers have to wait for their product (though often not as long as imported options), however it also means we are not producing product beyond what is required and creating waste. Being able to customise your pieces and get exactly what you want results in higher customer satisfaction and product longevity – win, win!

These steps are only just the beginning. There is always room for improvement and we are committed to learning, evolving and hope to implement more sustainable practices within our business both across our supply chains and within our factory going forward.


Thank you for supporting local and doing your part.

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