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Customisable furniture made right here in New Zealand? That’s us.

Our passionate team use their Kiwi ingenuity coupled with innovative technology to create pieces you’ll love and are made to last – best of all you can touch and test fabrics and foams to make sure the comfort level is just the way you like it.

You see, we believe that customisation is key. That's why we offer a service allowing for size, shape, colours, textures, seat fillings, legs and detailing to be tailored to suit. 

We design for how people live today and we don't believe customisable designs should cost the earth. 

Made right here in NZ; our furniture is handcrafted by artisans with care, love and attention to detail. Bring over 40 years of their wisdom and know-how into your home today. 


Different by design; from our business model, to your home interior. 

Our ability to produce little and often, here in New Zealand means we stay on trend, can offer flexible unique touches and deliver quickly, all while keeping prices fair. 

You know what you want, and we compliment this with fine craftsmanship and ergonomics, as well as options to up-spec with tech features, sofa bed conversions and more. 

We’ll assist you in making your mark with extraordinary, stand-out furniture that adds that finishing touch to your home. 


 Price savvy 


Crafting furniture in small batches allows us to be more experimental. We’ll only make an item after you’ve confirmed the order. So there isn’t lots of extra stock sitting around our warehouse (we think it’s more responsible this way). 

 Your uniqueness
 is our priority 


Create something different, something stunning, well-finished, long-lasting, that is just the way you want it. Just let us know and we’ll make it. 

 See the difference 


It’s in the detail; legs, stitching, piping, you name it we're on it. After all it's sometimes the little details that make the big differences in life. 

 We're with you 


We back our products, we stand by what we make, that’s why we offer a 15 and 18 year warranty on all strong NZ timber frames; as well as comprehensive warranties on cushions, fills and upholstery. For full details, see our product care brochure.

 World-class service 


No waiting around for 12 weeks for imports to arrive and be cleared at customs. We deliver promptly and with great care, throughout NZ. See our delivery information for more details. 

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